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There has been many programs and support that have been provided throughout my journey of life. I had a lot of support from my family, friends, and social services. All the support has guided me to many life-changing decisions. My parents have also been very helpful in my life, they’ve raised me into a great person but I have made many wrong decisions. As a result, I was sent to complete a program in Asian American Recovery Services.

At first I was a little hesitant about the program. I didn’t think I needed professional help. I thought my life was fine. But as the program continued, I realized that my life was not in as good shape as it should be. This opened up my eyes into a lot of things and it helped me become more aware of the results of my actions.

My counselor was Loren. He was very helpful and surprisingly, I felt comfortable talking to him. All the other counselors were helpful and supportive too. They became like friends and it seemed like we were part of one great big family. I didn’t feel like I was at a social service place getting help. I felt like I was just having fun and at the same time learning a lot of beneficial things.

My counselors were very friendly. I am very talkative and can become very annoying, but my counselors never became frustrated with me. AARS helped me with many problems like getting a job and urging me to quite smoking. They also gave me an opportunity to go snow boarding. I’m glad that Loren was my counselor. It wouldn’t matter about which counselor I got because they are all equally helpful and supportive. Without their contributions in my life, I would be lost.

After I had complete the program I felt like a new person. I felt like I had more control over the situations in my life and I feel more confident I would like to thank everyone at AARS for helping me and never giving up on me.

By: Kennedy L.
March 24, 2003

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