Has it ever occurred to you that a particular place can make a difference in your life? My experience with AARS has helped me through many situations. I can ALWAYS count on, not only one, but also ALL of them. I know I can always count on AARS anytime I need a place to go or if anytime I need someone to talk to.

I first started going to AARS in July of 2002. I was pretty nervous at first, but they welcomed me with friendly gestures. In the beginning of the program I got in trouble with my P.O. and the court. But Razelle, my counselor, put in a good report for me. She has truly believed in me, even when there were times I wanted to give up. Even when I had problems with my family, Razelle was there to listen. But now I’m kind of in a difficult position at the moment. Since I found out that I am pregnant, Razelle wasn’t the only one that was able to help me, Thuy was also there. I would like to thank them for all the support they have given me. AARS has helped me stop using drugs and smoking cigarettes. And I am proud of myself for accomplishing my goals.

Razelle was not the only counselor that has been involved in my life! They’re many more! Thuy has helped me understand motherhood and believing I can do it. Loren has made group comforting and entertaining. Cheryl has made me feel not alone, considering I was the only female of the group. Gilbert has welcomed me in the family and Niwath, Jerry, Sasha, Denise and Hong are all friendly faces every time I go there! And anytime I need to talk to someone, one of them is always there to help me figure out my problems. I think they are the best!

I know for sure that anytime if ever I’m in trouble or even a place to hang out, AARS is somewhere I can definitely run to. I must say it is one of the safest places for both children and adults can go to get educated, to get support or to have fun. The counselors are willing to give their time to me and to other people that needs their presence and time just so we can have a place to be. THANKS EVERYONE!

Ever since I started becoming a regular at AARS it has changed my life in a positive way. I have gained a lot of knowledge and good judgements from the counselors. I can always find someone to talk to about what is on my mind and many of them are there, but Razelle has truly come through for me. She made sure I graduated and did what I needed to do to stay out of trouble and make it. I love everyone and thank you for all the help!

By: Julie.
March 25, 2003

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